About ClearSky

Clear Sky Solar Investments Ltd (CSSI) is a public company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit social enterprise established as a result of an initiative of the Northern Beaches Chapter of Clean Energy for Eternity (CEFE). The assistance provided by a grant from the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage Community Renewable Energy Program is gratefully acknowledged.

The objective of CSSI is to facilitate the rapid acceleration of renewable energy uptake in Australia by:

  • supporting communities and individuals who would like to invest in renewable energy projects
    to get a significant competitive return on an ethical and transparent investment
  • providing an independent analysis of project feasibility to ensure that projects create significant,
    reliable returns
  • increasing the amount of solar energy produced in Australia
  • providing administrative and web-based support for community renewable energy projects

We have been honoured to receive a nunber of awards for our achiecvements to date

The ClearSky Team

ClearSky Solar Investments Ltd has a board of four directors who share the administrative responsibilities between them, all on a pro-bono basis. To find out more about who we are and what our backgound is, click here

About Clean Energy for Eternity

CEFE Northern Beaches is one of a number of chapters of the not-for-profit community climate change organisation Clean Energy for Eternity Inc.  CEFE was founded by Bega orthopaedic surgeon  Dr Matthew Nott in 2006. In its early days the focus of its activities was raising awareness of climate change through human signs and public forums and the 50/50 by 2020 campaign promoted by an eye catching bumper sticker.

Local chapters took up the work in many centres in South East NSW and also in Mosman, Manly and the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Clean Energy for Eternity has raised funds through big swims and mountain bike events to put solar panels on community buildings such as rural fire stations and community halls.  Every community building in Tathra now has solar panels provided by CEFE. In other centres CEFE has been involved in solar bulk buy schemes. CEFE has twice been runner-up for a Eureka Award 


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ClearSky was the winner of three
Green Globe awards in2018:
Climate Change Leadership
Community Leadership
The Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence




We smooth the path for members of the community who want to foster the expansion of renewable energy in Australia. We do this  by setting up projects ready for investment.  You can find out more by registering to get access to these details. 



We are a not-for-profit social enterprise that was established in September 2013 by the Northern Beaches Chapter of the community climate change organisation Clean Energy for Eternity




Clear Sky Solar Investments  Registered office: 76 Consul Rd North Narraweena NSW 2099
Phone: 0408 111 931  Email:  Website by